ClearShield Security Doors and Security Screens

ClearShield is available for a range of applications from security doors and security screens to bushfire and cyclone screens for the cyclonic regions of Australia. All ClearShield products are made to measure by our specialised teams around Australia and abroad, so rest assured that we have a security solution for you.

Whilst most security door and screen brands are woven mesh type products, ClearShield's patented design is a stainless steel perforated security screen and door product that are made from a single sheet of perforated stainless steel. This unique design provides homeowners the luxury of stylish good looks combined with peace of mind knowing they are safe in their homes behind one of Australia’s most recognised security screens.

Two years consectutively Clearshield has won design awards for its Cyclone Screen product in 2013 and its Security Door and Screen System in 2014. Find out more about this by clicking here now.

ClearShield USA

Clearshield is now available in the United States of America for more information click here.

Before you buy read the facts

ClearShield's product range has been extensively tested to and has passed even the toughest of Australian Std’s tests relating to security and Cyclonic debris testing.

At ClearShield we don't just believe that our products are the most aesthetically pleasing with ClearShield's unique smooth perforated stainless steel design.

We also think ClearShield is one of the safest for the occupants of the home!
Accidents do happen, so bumping into or rubbing up against woven mesh type security doors and screens can cause a nasty graze, especially for small children and the elderly.

A simple demonstration shown here where a potato was rubbed against ClearShield vigorously shows that it didn't even peel the skin off.

The same can't be said for the potato that was rubbed against a sample of Stainless Steel woven wire.

Security doors and security screens are the air filters to your home!

Nothing is more important than the air we breathe, so removing dirt and dust from the filters of your home is essential. ClearShield offers a smooth Perforated Stainless Steel surface that is so easy of clean.

ClearShield's smooth easy wipe surface, unlike woven mesh will save you time and effort in keeping your doors and screens looking and feeling new. Ask your nearest ClearShield distributor today about ClearShield's Easy Care Product that will leave your ClearShield Security doors and screens looking like new every time.

Now you're not only safe and secure behind ClearShield but cooler too...

Recent independent testing conducted by Architectural Testing Facility, Pennsylvania, U.S.A proved that when tested, ClearShield security screens provided a reduction of Solar Heat Gain by 40% and a 14% improvement in the U Value.

So help reduce your cooling costs in the summer months... insist on ClearShield!