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ClearShield Security Doors in Canberra

To find your local Canberra manufacturer for more information about ClearShield security doors in Canberra, contact us today on 1300 301 344.

Our wide range of ClearShield security screen doors in Canberra enables businesses and residential home owners in the ACT to secure their properties and prevent burglar attacks thanks to our stylish stainless steel screens.

Canberra & ACT

Emergency Exit Screens

Our range of Emergency Exit Screens ensures you have the benefits of an aesthetically pleasing and secure security screen, with the added advantage of an escape mechanism. Our ClearShield emergency exit screens are child-friendly and allows you to escape in the event of a fire or any other emergency situation; this is done by releasing an escape mechanism and pushing the screen frame outward.

Available in a Range of Style and Colours

Our ClearShield screen doors surpasses the strength of conventional security screen doors in Canberra. Available in over 200 contemporary and traditional colours, our security screens and security doors can be made to suit any home. The perforated stainless steel mesh is unlike traditional woven mesh used in most security screens and doors. ClearShield’s stainless steel security screens offers a clear view of anyone approaching your door. Furthermore, our perforated screen will help keep your house cool and reduces Solar Heat Gain in your home by 40%!

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