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Choose ClearShield Emergency Exit Screens Today

For your family’s safety, we’ve developed the Emergency Exit Screen.
In the event of a fire or similar household drama, you can escape by simply releasing the escape mechanism and pushing the screen frame outward.

  • Designed to release in a matter of seconds
  • Children friendly making it ideal for emergency situations
  • Simply releasing the escape mechanism and pushing the screen frame outward

Emergency Exit Screens

Designed to release in a matter of seconds, and is extremely child friendly making it ideal for emergency situations such as bushfires or cyclones.

Emergency Escape Window Screens still have the unmistakable features of a ClearShield product including optimum visibility, stylish and smooth stainless steel good looks, while at the same time giving you the peace of mind to leave your windows open because it’s so strong.

Made to measure and colour matched to your home, Emergency Exit Screens can be installed over just the opening or the complete window.

ClearShield Security Door – Technical Data

Aluminium Framing
Grade 6063-T6
Coating Anodised – min 15um to AS1213-2000
Powdercoating – Chromate Pre-treatment and powdercoate to AS3715-2002
Warranty As per Coating Selection


Stainless Steel Sheet
Grade: T304-2b Finish
Finish: Satin Black Powder Coated
Open Area: 0.8mm – 39%-41%
Warranty: 15 Years, subject to adhering to the recommended cleaning schedule
Coating: Powdercoating – Oxsilane Chrome Free Pre-treatment and powdercoated to   AS3715-2002
Dimensions: Domestic Grade Ø 2mm Round Holes, 60° Staggered Pitch, 3mm Spacings, 0.8mm Thick


Product Range

Product   Name Suitability
Ultra Strength Security Screen Fixed Domestic and Commercial Windows, Carparks, Architectural Screening, Supplemental Security Screening, Pool Fencing, Balustrading.
Ultra Strength Security Door Domestic and Commercial Accessways, Plant and Equipment Protection requiring airflow.
Emergency Exit Screen Domestic and Commercial Windows requiring operable security screens, securing small points of access requiring airflow.


Compliance – Test Available on Request

Standard Description Require Result
AS4483 Knife Shear – 0.8mm SS 3 60
AS5039 Dynamic Impact – 0.8mm SS 5 50
AS5041 Jemmy Test – Escape Screen No access points to attempt test
AS5041 Impact/Jemmy – US Sliding Door Passed all tests
AS5041 Impact/Jemmy – US Hinged Door Passed all tests

Other Testing

Report # Description SS Used Result
AZT0046.12 SHGC, Uw, Vt Test –
     reduced by 40%, 14% & 46% respectively
0.8mm N/A
AZT0203.12 AS5041 Impact test @ 100J at edge of screen 0.8mm 50 Impacts

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