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Repetitive Impact

The Australian standard for security doors and security screens requires all security doors and screens to comply with AS5041. Part of the physical test for this standard requires the security door or security screen to withstand 5 impacts of an impact ball at 100 Joules of energy.

Along with the team at Azuma design Testing Facility NSW we put ClearShield’s Ultra-Strength security screen design to the test well beyond the requirements of the standard. Another outstanding result!


Test Method / Performance Requirement:

The Impact test is as specified in AS 5041 ‘Methods of test’ for Security screen doors and window grilles. Impact loads of 100 Joules were applied to the test sample (The prescribed load required by the test standard – AS 5041)

Product Description:

ClearShield Ultra Strength Design. Panel size tested was 2040mm x 870mm. (Example of a typical front entry door)


The test sample withstood 50 x 100 Joule impacts. This result equates to 10 cycles of the DYNAMIC IMPACT TEST as specified in Australian Standard Test.

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