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Extreme Repetitive Impact

Further extreme testing proves the strength of ClearShield…….

In this test, ClearShield was subjected to 15 impacts of 500 joules of energy. This equates to 5 times the impact energy used in the Australian standard test for security doors and screens. ClearShield remained unbroken after 15 impacts from the test rig.

 ClearShield levels of resistance

Test Method / Performance Requirement:

The test sample was subjected to multiple impact loads of 500J (5 times the load required by the test standard – AS 5041)

Product Description:

ClearShield Ultra Strength Design (Enhanced). Panel size tested was 2040mm x 870mm. (Example of a typical front entry door)


The test sample withstood not just one but 15 x 500 Joule impacts. After 15 impacts testing was stopped. The screen material remained secure in the frame.

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