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Excellent performance

Our products hold up to the highest levels of performance testing

  • 10x the required Australian standard
  • Our process involves both ‘in house’ and independent testing of our products
  • The only patented Stainless Steel Perforated security screen product

Performance Testing

Creating one of the world’s most innovative home safety security products didn’t happen by accident.

While most clear vision screen products consist of a stainless steel woven mesh type safety screen, ClearShield stands alone in being a patented Stainless Steel Perforated security screen product. It is this unique design that sets it apart from its competitors. The team at ClearShield Australia has also developed innovative patented systems relating to the security industry and leads the market in development and testing of its products.

ClearShield has an ongoing and long term R&D strategy involving both ‘in house’ and independent testing of its products. ClearShield’s commitment to market excellence is demonstrated by the recent development and implementation of its own cyclone debris testing facility. ClearShield implemented one of the first air-cannons in Australia capable of testing to the highest level of the NEW stringent Australian standard for cyclonic screening used in the northern region of Australia.

ClearShield recently contracted the services of two Independent N.A.T.A accredited facilities to conduct extensive testing of its screen and door products that are available to the domestic market. These tests are many times that prescribed in the Australian standards for security doors and security screensand the results prove that ClearShield is a leader in the security screen industry.

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