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Security Doors & Screens

ClearShield’s advanced technology for security doors has taken the conventional security door to another level with both its strength and good looks. Whether you are looking for security sliding doors or bi fold screen security doors, we can customise the perfect solution for you. ClearShield security doors and screens in Australia have a unique design which does not require additional cross bars through the middle of your door to meet the Australian Standard as a security door.

ClearShield’s security screen doors look superb on any Australian home design, providing a wonderful ‘airy’ feeling inside, a contemporary look, along with the peace of mind being able to open your doors without the fear of being burgled. The beauty behind all of our security screens is that you can still see clearly through the security screen door, knowing who is approaching your screen doors at all times. Unlike woven security mesh doors which can collect dirt and dust in the weave, ClearShield’s home security doors are made from a single perforated stainless steel sheet making them smooth and easy- to- clean. ClearShield’s sleek smooth security door frame designs are available in over 200 traditional and contemporary colours to suit your own decor.

ClearShield has been extensively tested beyond the Australian Standards for Security doors and Screens and has achieved outstanding results each time, making us one of the leading providers for home security doors in Australia time and time again. In addition to our range of home security doors, ClearShield also offer a wide range of window security screens, perfect for making your entire home a safer place to live.

To contact ClearShield or to ask us any questions about our security sliding screen doors or any of our other, security screens or security doors, call us today on 1300 301 344.

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