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Performance-built Window Security Screens

Our security screens are backed by rigorous national and international testing

  • Sleek design manufactured from durable perforated stainless steel
  • Made to measure with colour matching to suit your home
  • Fitted with a safe escape feature in case of emergency

The Benefits of Our Premium Security Screen Windows

Reduce Solar & UV Radiation

Reduce Solar Heat Gain (SHGC) and Ultraviolet (UV) radiation to improve the energy rating of a window system when fitted externally. 


Impervious to Repetitive Impact

Be impervious to repetitive and extreme repetitive impact – our security window screens can bear the blows of 50x 100 Joule impacts.  

Withstand Knife Attacks

Enduring more than 60 repetitive knife strikes, our stainless steel mesh window security screens did not take any major damage.  


Security Screen Windows in Perth

ClearShield’s window security screen products are made from a single flat sheet of perforated stainless steel that is smooth, strong, and sturdy. This unique security screen design provides homeowners the luxury of stylish good looks combined with peace of mind knowing they are safe in their homes behind one of Australia’s most recognised and reputable window security screens. Available in over 200 traditional colours to choose from, you’ll be able to find the right security screen windows to seamless match your home’s existing interior and exterior façade.

Why are our Security Window Screens better than others? 

ClearShield utilises sophisticated technology to manufacture security window screens that are far more advanced on both strength and style than traditional window screens. Our unique design using ultra durable perforated stainless steel removes the need for unsightly cross bars while still providing maximum protection. All of ClearShield’s security window screens meet and exceed rigorous Australian standards, with the ability to withstand knife attacks and repetitive impact. 

What technology does ClearShield security window screens use? 

Unlike traditional window screens that use fly screen mesh, ClearShield’s security window screens are constructed from a single sheet of perforated stainless steel. This increases the overall strength and durability of our window screens and, without the traditional weaving that collects dirt and dust, makes them much easier to clean. The sophisticated design also provides a clean, airy feel to your home, with a contemporary and understated look. They also allow you to feel safe and protected while providing a clear, unobstructed view outside. 

Do ClearShield’s security screens meet Australian standards? 

ClearShield’s window security screens have been rigorously tested against Australian Standards and has often exceeded these standards, delivering superior results. This has allowed us to become a leading and reliable provider for security window screens in Perth and Australia, winning multiple awards including two Good Design awards. In addition to our range of window security screensClearShield also offer a wide range of home security doors, perfect for making your entire home a safer place to live. 

Stay Protected with Stainless Steel Window Screens Today

The ClearShield stainless steel security screens have been extensively tested beyond the requirements of the Australian Standards and have achieved outstanding results each time. ClearShield also offer a wide range of stainless steel security screen doors across Perth, Western Australia and throughout the country. If you would like to know more about window security or our stainless steel security screens then please contact ClearShield on 1300 301 344.


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